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Altium DEMO

This is an AllSpice demo showcasing the Archimajor board. With this repo you can explore all the functionalities and compatibility of AllSpice with the Altium ECAD tool .

Board is an all in one 3D printer motherboard. It is an original RAMBo style design with the 32bit Atmel SAM3X8E processor (same as Arduino Due) and TMC2130 stepper drivers all on one integrated PCB. Archim is named after the mathematician Archimedes. The RAMBo stands for (R)epRap (A)rduino-compatible (M)other (Bo)ard.

UltiMachine is a leading 3D Printer component manufacturer. They develop systems that drive additive manufacturing. Specializing in electronics and consumables, they service 3D printing manufacturers, researchers, hobbyists and hackers.

Board Tech Specs

Feature Description
Motor Drivers 5 x integrated 256 microstep motor drivers
Outputs 6 total PWM Mosfet outputs
Inputs 4 thermistor inputs
Motor Current Control SPI
Power Rails 3 ATC fuse protected power rails
USB Protection Native Full Speed USB protected by an ADUM isolator
Arduino IDE Support Native
Input Power Supply 12V - 24V DC, 16A+
Operating Temperature Range 0°C ~ 70°C

Component library

Archimajor Component Library

Firmware Repo

Current FW image

To Do List

To make the most out of this demo we suggest you to:

  • Clone this repo to your local env
  • Review the schematics and PCB files within AllSpice and your local env.
  • Take a look at the board prints in this file
  • Review the issues tab and create a new one from the templates.
  • Review the Design reviews tab and the comments left
  • See the releases for the repo
  • Fork the repo and make an update yourself to later do a resign review