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Pick and Place files for the Thermistor Probe Board
tykartiganer45 9 months ago
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  1. BIN

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1 Designator Footprint Mid X Mid Y Ref X Ref Y Pad X Pad Y Layer Rotation Comment
2 C1 C0603 22.1mm 63.37mm 22.1mm 63.37mm 21.4mm 63.37mm T 0 2.2uF
3 C2 C0603 25.78mm 63.37mm 25.78mm 63.37mm 25.08mm 63.37mm T 0 2.2uF
4 C3 C0603 29.46mm 63.25mm 29.46mm 63.25mm 28.76mm 63.25mm T 0 2.2uF
5 C4 C0603 33.4mm 63.12mm 33.4mm 63.12mm 32.7mm 63.12mm T 0 2.2uF
6 R1 R0603 14.99mm 74.93mm 14.99mm 74.93mm 14.23mm 74.93mm T 0 0
7 R2 R0603 14.73mm 80.52mm 14.73mm 80.52mm 13.98mm 80.52mm T 0 0
8 R3 R0603 27.31mm 70.36mm 27.31mm 70.36mm 26.55mm 70.36mm T 0 0
9 R4 R0603 18.29mm 73.03mm 18.29mm 73.03mm 17.53mm 73.03mm T 0 0
10 R5 R0603 18.67mm 80.39mm 18.67mm 80.39mm 17.92mm 80.39mm T 0 10K
11 R6 R0603 18.42mm 76.58mm 18.42mm 76.58mm 17.66mm 76.58mm T 0 10K
12 R7 R0603 22.73mm 80.52mm 22.73mm 80.52mm 21.98mm 80.52mm T 0 10K
13 R8 R0603 22.73mm 77.22mm 22.73mm 77.22mm 21.98mm 77.22mm T 0 10K
14 R9 R0603 34.04mm 79.76mm 34.04mm 79.76mm 33.28mm 79.76mm T 0 0
15 U1 MSOP-10_L3.0-W3.0-P0.50-LS5.0-BL 22.99mm 71.63mm 22.99mm 71.63mm 21.99mm 69.52mm T 0 ADS1115IDGSR
16 U2 CONN-TH_BM08B-SRSS-TB-LF-SN 34.8mm 71.88mm 34.8mm 71.88mm 36.06mm 75.38mm T 270 BM08B-SRSS-TB(LF)(SN)
17 U3 CONN-TH_BM08B-SRSS-TB-LF-SN 10.92mm 72.52mm 10.92mm 72.52mm 9.66mm 69.02mm T 90 BM08B-SRSS-TB(LF)(SN)
18 U4 SOIC-8_L4.9-W3.9-P1.27-LS6.0-BL 17.4mm 66.17mm 17.4mm 66.17mm 15.49mm 63.39mm T 0 MAX4092ASA+
19 U5 SOIC-8_L4.9-W3.9-P1.27-LS6.0-BL 28.58mm 77.6mm 28.58mm 77.6mm 26.67mm 74.82mm T 0 MAX4092ASA+