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Low-Cost Four Channel 1GSPS Oscilliscope using Thunderbolt/USB4 to stream data to PC for processing and display.

Join our dev discord:

Our best long-form documentation is currently at the project page:

Get the hardware through our crowdsupply when we launch:


Rev.1 mainboard: Thunderscope_E

Rev.2 mainboard: Thunderscope_Rev2


Developers with Rev.1 mainboard and TE0712 module should use dso_top_TE0712 or dso_top_TE0712_unsigned

Rev.2 mainboard can only be used with our custom FPGA module and dso_top_fpga_module_rev2_unsigned firmware


Our primary software is, which takes in data from the hardware, triggers on it, and sends the triggered data over to (ng/gl)scopeclient

Dependences for build scripts on Linux: apt-get install -y dotnet6 apt-get install -y libgdiplus

On Windows, should just need Visual Studio with the C# plugins