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Low-Cost Four Channel 1GSPS Oscilliscope using Thunderbolt/USB4 to stream data to PC for processing and display.

Join our development discord server

We are now at on matrix or on IRC as well!

Some older long-form documentation is on the project page

Get the hardware through our crowdsupply page when we launch:

Catch up with these videos on the project:

TEARDOWN 2023 - Open Sourcing the Secrets of Oscilloscope Design

Hackaday Supercon 2023 - A Circuit to Measure Circuits: How do Oscilloscopes do it?

Teardown Session 39: ThunderScope

Baseboard Hardware

Revision Label Status Location
Rev.1 N/A DEPRECATED Hardware/Altium/Thunderscope_E
Rev.2 N/A DEPRECATED Hardware/Altium/Thunderscope_Rev2
Rev.3 Alpha TO BE DEPRECATED Hardware/Altium/Thunderscope_Rev3
Rev.4 Beta 1 ACTIVE Hardware/Altium/Thunderscope_Rev4
Rev.4.1 Beta 2 IN PRODUCTION Hardware/Altium/Thunderscope_Rev4.1

FPGA Module Hardware

Revision Status Location
TE0712 ACTIVE Trenz Electronics TE0712 Module, 100T or 200T Varients
Rev.1 DEPRECATED Hardware/Altium/FPGA_Module
Rev.2 IN PRODUCTION Hardware/Altium/FPGA_Module_Rev2 or Hardware/KiCad/FPGA_Module_Rev2


We have two types of firmware, LiteX and XDMA. We are in the process of updating the LiteX firmware to work on the latest hardware, and we will use it moving forward. Until then, use the XDMA firmware if you are not working on LiteX.

TODO: Table of Beta Unit serial numbers with module types and firmware locations

Follow the instructions in the Software/xdma_driver_linux or Software/xdma_driver_win_src_2018_2 folders to install the XDMA linux or windows driver before proceeding with installing the rest of the software.

For LiteX developers, the Linux driver is stable. Windows and Mac drivers are in development.


Our primary software is TS.NET, which takes in data from the hardware, triggers on it, and sends the triggered data over to ngscopeclient

Dependences for build scripts on Linux: apt-get install -y dotnet6; apt-get install -y libgdiplus

On Windows, should just need Visual Studio with the C# plugins

To install ngscopeclient, follow the instructions in their user manual